Thursday, June 16, 2011

 Going to church, on the bus.

 Love riding the bus on Sundays, it's less congested.

 Popcorn and cards, eat your heart out!

They even spend P-days at the temple. 

 What a beautiful little temple.

 We've never been in a bus stop like this before. 

The red bus passing by looks like an accordian.

 Nice clean streets.

 Another one of those famous trees.

 This bridge crossed over to the park.

What a view!?!

Guess where we choose to eat?

King for the day.  Don't have Burger Kings in Cuiabá.

This bus reminded Elder Woodbury of his first mission.

 Back on the Bus Tour.  It was a great way to see the city.

Lots of churches.

They stored gun powder here.

                           Opera house where John Lennon sang.


 Beautiful garden here, and magnificently manacured grounds.
               And it just sprinkled one time the whole day.

What a vista of the city, from this tall tower!

 Back to the temple, and even wearing a jacket.

After 9 months here, our Trainers are getting replaced.

We needed a little extra time, to figure things out.
Thanks!  Your the Best!

Notice the bikes inside.

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