Monday, June 13, 2011

This is a cute new family that moved into our ward,
right next to us, the Adelson and Fernanda (red) and
their 2 daughters.  Sariah, Primary Pres. on left.
 Dad even has his own parking spot at the Mission Office.
 Valentine Box from Jason and Keriana.
 Dad is loving the yummy chocolates.
This is the Mazetto Family Wedding.
The bridegroom, Adam, was Kendra's Zone Leader.
This was the line for the wedding dinner celebration.
It was outside, the family is very rich.
This is dad with the youth!

Dad is enjoying the smell of the cookies for the neighbors.
He promised me he wouldn't eat any. 

We are only 1 minute early, where is everyone?

We can't figure this out?!?

Dad wishes he was home sleeping.

I'm sure this is the right church. Notice the signs!
Oh, it must be daylight savings time .

 Are you sure this is the way to the young womens class?

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