Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giberto's Institue Class - one of the GREATEST!
Sariah with me in front.  
Getting to the airport headed to bombinas,
after only 3 hours sleep.
Instant friends, talked non stop.  Notice the gray hair,
I'm the oldest.
Wonderful busses to the Hotel.
Araujo, getting on, Great Man.
Get a look at our place.
The blue one here is ours, and they're fabulous!

Dad and Jim Allen in the ocean.
Dad and I on the beach.
 Here's a little more of us.
There we go, that's more like it.
We're all smiles! 
Cool Bridge, and Breeze.
I think I'll take a little dip.
Great place to run in the early mornings.
Us and the Allens, front and center.
Front and Center again.
Big group pictures, of all the Directors and wives.
Surprised they're not all lifted up to heaven.
Great people to rub shoulders with.
Us and the Allens, loved eating together.  Great Food!
A couple of the Staff Members.
Josh's Mission Pres & Wife, the França.

One of the neatest couples we know.  Took us to the
Baile in São Paulo.
Yatyr - Good Samaritan Skit.
Shirlyn and I mixing with all the Brasilian wives.
3 Musketeers, our Heros, and they all speak
great English!  They ALWAYS bail us out!!! 
Can you find Sister Woodbury?

How about Now?
Aren't we beautiful?
Allan and his wife, our next of leaders, in Mato Grosso.
Thumbs up, This is the Life.
A little blurry, but beautiful.
 You wouldn't believe the beautiful surroundings.
Yatyr- Voice of Elohiem in the temple.
 Yatyer is also the BofM reader on (center)
Beautiful ride to Curitiba Temple.
First view of the temple, out the car window.
 Meeting with our wonderful friends
The Hepworths.
Beautiful Temple at night.
Famous for the Araucaria Tree.
The Moon was beautiful, next to angel Moroni.
Notice the Brasil Flag too.

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