Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sister Padilia, wife of Stake President Counselor & good friend.

Brasilians are born to dance.

Christopher, our first miracle, met in the supermarker, Lamar encouraged
him to go back to Church, and he did.  We see him there, on visits to his ward.
This was my first big error, when he said he was married for a year,
then divorced, I said Very Good! (oops)

What a beautiful bunch of institute kids.

Even though dad didn't bring his guitar.......

He's getting some chances to sing.

The beautiful waterfall, dad got to help President O. go on
their farewell visit to the center of the world.

Dad took these pictures, they're awesome.
They had a little miracle on the outing the fog.

Dad and President O. are great friends.

Jucenir's early morning seminary class on front porch, delightful!

Sight on way home, Horse & calf crossing the road in the rain.

Zilda's class (she taught 3), she's full of the Spirit and the kids love her.

V├írzea Grande I  Gizelle taught and later, Adriana, lucky class.

The soccer statium, they're building a new one, bigger,
 next to it, for the World cup in 2004.

Across the street from the statium. 

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