Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our unbelieveable miracle apartment!

Well be snug as a bug in a rug here!

Here is the neat Welcome sign we saw on the way to our Stake Activity!

What a wonderful Stake, you notice Lamar (left w/BYU hat)

Louise and Sariah (who both speak English)
what a relief, great friends, and help to us!

Great way to cool off!

This IS a great get away weekend!

They had natural springs here, and drained the pools EVERY night!

What a weekend (course everyone paid their own way).

What an accepting, loving group of people (true Saints)!
Now, for a real game of ping pong! We each won one game.

Look at that american play soccer.....amazing!
I don't think he'd played since college, but he was GREAT!

Lamar is the whitie in the middle! Not bad for an old man,
not to mention, the oldest man!

Hats off - The guy in the front, spent his whole week helping us get our apartment.
Christan is GREAT!

Great view from our hotel balcony!

Off to a 'Couples Get Away Weekend' for 2 Stakes
Look at the Buffet

Great weekend with the 2 Cuiaba Stakes.

Get a look at the bed (a little better that the twin ones we have in the Hotel.)

Now this is what we expected to see in Cuiaba.

Even in the heat, we have smiles on our faces.

So many crashes off the mountain into the hole and many died; hence it's name.

President Olivera and his wife can take the heat!

The breeze made it nice!

A little more balanced here.

We are now at the very center of South America.
This very spot!
The top of our apartment at night. (fuzzy but beautiful)
The pool made our stay fabulous.

Lamar's first good swim in a long time.
Great, even if it only took 5 strokes to cross the pool!

I think I'll take a little soneca (nap).

This is okay with me, I'm just glad to be in Cuiaba.

Lets go for a ride.

Alright, this looks likes a great car to me.
I feel like a race car driver, driving here!

The sign says, Welcome to Cuiaba

We are very, very, very happy to be here!

President Oliveira and his wife Ana take us to Dinner, yummy!

We feel like royalty, getting picked up by the Stake President Francis
and his wife - center; and our Misssion President Oliveira and his wife -right

I'm feel like this is truly a dream come true!

Believe it or not we have now ARRIVED!

Happy as a King, and fresh off the plane!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Beautiful heart shaped flowers at the Porto Alegra Temple.

Beautiful Temple.

Amazing Flowers

Many beauties in Porto Alegra

I Love this Man.

After Meetings

During meetings, you notice there is only 1 woman?

Fabulous leadership in Brasil.

These meeting are totally Portuguese.

Our hotel in Porto Alegre

Inside our Hotel.

Looked inviting, but scarey 14 stories high.

Back in a Sao Paulo mall. At least I tried something new.

A fish sandwich, fries, and fresh orange juice.

Guess what Lamar choose?