Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quite a surprise when I expected 0.

What a Surprise Birthday!

I was expecting


But had a




We found out we had
our very own Art
Museum. On our
shopping trip to
the Mall, to buy
me some new shoes.

Travis dropped us off at the mission home. Role Reversal!

Travis gave us some good send off advice!

Who looks like the missionaries here?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our first tutor Mateus Costa.

We had Mateus on Skype 2 months before we came to the Mission Home.

Returning from the Museum we met 3 of our tutors!

We got to show off the grandkids to 3 of our tutors (who are
fabulous also.)




WOW those are huge creatures!

These must be
the Three Bears.
'I want to take
this one home
with us'..........
said William.

This is better than the Zoo.

Can I take any of these home
with me Grandpa?
I like the one with the biggest

Wow........ take a look at all those horns!

Ethan is in Heaven with all these wild animals. He's just wondering which one is the toughest?

What a nice fish you caught!

No fooling us, we can see the label behind your hands. Better luck in Brasil

Are we in Brasil yet?

No, but we are at the Monte L Bean museum with Ethan and William.

Enjoying Nature together.

Where is Jack hiding?

Sunny Day

Thanks to Kathryn we have this blog!

Grandpa loves Annie.

Enjoying a tender moment together.

Who is eating the most?

The ducks are coming to get their fair share.

The ducks and ducklings sure loved Grant.

Course he had a stash to delight their palates.

Great Spot for a break, and with ducks to boot!

Dustin & Kathryn, Grant, Annie, and Jack made a most welcomed visit.

We made it!!!

Hike, Hike, Hike, we go hiking......

Thursday, July 22, 2010

1st Time Ever Hike to the Y

At the Y

Ethan hiked all the way up and back by Himself, awesome!!!!