Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our first try at coconut milk, together.

Us, Stake P. Francis & Rosa Moeira, Pres. O and Ana (he is a 70)
Elder Mauro Junot (our big boss 70 also), and Pres. and
Cremilda Barboaother Stake P.

 Mauro Junot put on a FABULOUS fireside for us! 
We had 20 of 22 teachers there early for some personal teaching!
It was impressive, even He was surprised, and pleased.
Sweet little Ana (best lttle teacher, & lots of questions).

Terizinnas house, daughter, & student on bike.
Her early morning class.

The Pedra 90 Ramo.First ramo we ever visited, tiles blew off
 that roof that day right after the Primary Presentation.

Sweet Little Girl, of the teacher.

Marisane, only time 0 students showed up, sad.
Branch President gave a firey talk the next Sunday,
about the importance of Seminary (spit on hand), and
said, don't embarass me like that again; to the youth.

Giberto's class, Fabulous institute teacher, (2 wards together)
 and he keeps their attention, and makes them think. 

Youth who got the firey talk, 8 signed up for seminary that day.

They also changed teachers two weeks later.

The mocas were so great!

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