Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is reminding me of my first mission in Brasil.
Elder Woodbury brought the Elders to the house
of investigators being baptized today (Sunday).
My Natal set from Embu, and our first card from Sheila.

Dad and Mom Woodbury gave us this time saving
microwave. It's fabulous!
Now, this is like Brasil 36 years ago.

This Santa looks comfortable.
This Eskimo and his dog is helping with the presents.
This little Brasilheiro boy and a soft dog, is enjoying Santa's house too.

Here is the way to Santa's house.

Can anyone spot grandma?

This looks like a 4 hour wait, not 2; but life is to enjoy!

I found me a flying Papa Noel.

This looks like a fun place to play!
Love the cars, grandkids!

Here we are at Voltswagon to get our broken door fixed.

I see Papa Noel on the Christmas tree.

I wish all our family a "Feliz Natal."

I love this happy time of year.

"I hope Grandpa reads me a story."

"I'd sure like to read a Christmas story to
Grant, Annie, Ethan, Jack and William."

Industriario Ward

This one is bigger than me.

Dad liked this orange aquarium.

Look at the different types of fishes.

These are piranans,
they will EAT you,
if you give them a
(Sure small)

They had some interesting
art, in the little rooms
nest to the aquarium.

This is Veneza
who made me
this beautiful
(she's newleywed)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Visiting Institute in
Varzea Grande I
and Imperal.
All 3 are taught
by Cesar Castro
a fabulous teacher.
Dad enjoying a snack with the kids.
Me and a 15 year old student.
Great young man.

The class. Ceasar and his wife in
the back, on the left.
Gal on my right made
me my necklace.

My one and only package of
chocolate chip cookies from
the states!

Making chocolate chip cookies for
President and Sister Oliveria.
And some for neighbors.

Nativity Set I got in
São Paulo. It came in handy. Sheila sent us our first card with money inside!

Fun Package from Gena!
A welcomed SURPRISE!

Lamar likes his box of sticky notes
from President Oliveria.

Perm turned out
really cute!

He did a great job!

Dad gave me just what I
wanted for Christmas,
A Permanant!

Dad told me not to put this picture in
but I did anyway, because I liked it. He can kill me later.

Dad is a great swimmer!
I think he misses his flippers
though. Maybe not in this pool.

Great place to cool off.
We live in the blue one
on the bottom floor.
Closest to the road, but
you cant see the
door, cause we're
around the corner.
And we have lots
of privacy, and we
love it!
In our Apartment,
this is where we get a good part
of our exercize after our walk every morning,
every day except Sunday.
We both love it!

Dad spends 4 -5 hours a day here in his office. He works on Seminary and Institued records, and studies Portuguese. Notice there are 2 computers. It's great. The top right corner is one of our 2 coolers. This is the coldest room of the house.

This was definitely a highlight of our mission. There were about 25 people there, and the missionaries got 8 leads.
We also made some new friends.

Here are the missionaries hard at work. Notice who the chefe is?
By the way, the missionaries are faking it!

These missionaries
(Our Missionaries)
are real

I liked this picture of Jesus on the screen. That is the street light shining.
Everyone told us they
really enjoyed
the Nativity Film.

We love our
apartment and the
people that live
here in our condo's.

Here is a photo of our sign.
We also took around invitations
to each apartment.

These are out Elders.
Elder Cook and Elder Akino.
They helps us tons, and work in the office 5 days a week, during the day.