Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lamar and I both spoke at the Young Womens Campon Scriptures. 
This object lesson of Lamars was on reading your scriptures every day. 
He loaded up the toothpaste for every good thing they did daily,
and they brushed their teeth.  Then he said they didn't need to brush now,
for a couple weeks, and compared it to reading the scriptures.

We ate lunch here with the Cuiabá Stake Young Womens.

This was with the Industriário Stake.

They combined the Young Women and YM for lunch
and the fireside.

The kids loved the object lesson.
They were grossed out when he said they did not need to
brush their teeth for a couple weeks now.

They all agreed to read the scriptures daily.

 This was a beautiful fazenda.
This waterfall was by the boys caming area.

The had a great place for tents, because it rained a lot.

After the visitng youth, we were off to the Pantanal.
We were off-road, pretty much all the time.

These were some cool arches.

Elder Woodbury looking sheeky (I can's spell that in Port.)

Me looking very terrified.

Elder Woodbury can't wait to see the first alligator.

We saw many different kinds of birds.

Look at the length of the neck, on this one.

Lamar spotted the first pair of alligator eyes.

We thought these were Sinfra, because of the sign. 
They're really called capybaras, and we saw lots of them.
They're about as same size as a pig.

We crossed dozens of bridges like this, to get to the Pantanal.

Off we go, on a wagon ride thru the swamp, to the boats.

Everyone is looking quite dry here.

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