Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our first picture with our new camera.
Our first picture of our apartment.

At our first Hotel on our trip with Allan.
Was a great place to stay.
We made it safe and sound!
It's so great to get out of the car, and that traffic! 
                                                            Fantastic Breakfast Bar!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

 Waiting for our 'Chefe' Alan Marques to arrive.
He loved the sign!

 He seemed really happy to see us.
He brought us our new camera from Ponta Pora.

This was a family in Sinop, Allen's area.

 This was a painting at the Hotel we stayed in with Allen.

 This was Allens fun Ramo in Sorriso.

 Here is a photo of Marta and her family.

 We got a photo by this muscle man.

Then Allen, Marta, Branch President, and we
 ordered pastais and fruit smoothies.

 We stopped for a treat on the way home.

As fast as Allen drove, we were sooo greatful to
be home safe.  Our prayers were answered.

 This will give you an idea of the traffic flow.

 Huge trucks, going FAST, in Both directions.  Scarey!

I was just greatful to be in the back seat.

I was really tense, the whole trip.

 The big trucks we're flying.

 Almost as fast as we were.

 This was a cute scene, we'd seen before.
Boys on the bridge, jumping and swimming.

 I couldn't believe how happy I was to be home!

 Home, Sweet, Home!!!

 Jarid, one of our favorites!

 Here we are visiting  in Ji-Parana.
They had a great lunch for us. 

 Both Institute classes in Vilhena.  Shyrlei taught a great lesson.

 This cute little fellow came right up to me, and gave
me a hug and kiss; with no prompting, adorable!

 Presidente Miguel Rocha, Miguel Henrique son (super smart),
wife Shyrlei , and us (happy missionaries)!
 Our seminary teacher in Velhena, Evelin.

 Ready to give a Fireside and
Graduation exercize in Vilhena.

Here we are with our two Seminary Graduates.

 On to the Airport, it felt like I was in Green Acres.

 Dad's thinking, "This is one busy airport."

 Thought these colorful garbage cans were cute.
For paper, plastic, aluminum, and ?

 First Class restarunt too!

 I'm still not into flying.

 Lamar wished Scott and Larry were here to get a
look at this plane.

 Dad never gets scared riding planes, only excited!

 Back at our training in Cuiaba.  They love our
American Cookies (their cookies here are dry).

 Us stopping at the fruit market with Elder Cook.
He's flying home in an hour.

 These Sisters are flying home with him too.

 Here's the crowd, that came to see them off.

Now don't they look like an intelligent bunch?  Or Loco!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

 Going to church, on the bus.

 Love riding the bus on Sundays, it's less congested.

 Popcorn and cards, eat your heart out!

They even spend P-days at the temple. 

 What a beautiful little temple.

 We've never been in a bus stop like this before. 

The red bus passing by looks like an accordian.

 Nice clean streets.

 Another one of those famous trees.

 This bridge crossed over to the park.

What a view!?!

Guess where we choose to eat?

King for the day.  Don't have Burger Kings in Cuiabá.

This bus reminded Elder Woodbury of his first mission.

 Back on the Bus Tour.  It was a great way to see the city.

Lots of churches.

They stored gun powder here.

                           Opera house where John Lennon sang.


 Beautiful garden here, and magnificently manacured grounds.
               And it just sprinkled one time the whole day.

What a vista of the city, from this tall tower!

 Back to the temple, and even wearing a jacket.

After 9 months here, our Trainers are getting replaced.

We needed a little extra time, to figure things out.
Thanks!  Your the Best!

Notice the bikes inside.