Friday, October 8, 2010

Some models we met, who were touring from Brasil.

Our first Portuguese Branch is Salt Lake City.
What's that jibberish they're speaking????

Our Wonderful Zone Leaders, the J. T. Waddoups.

This is what happened to our Heavy Load.
It included L.'s precious computor, and all our books for tutoring.

Here is where we were indexing auditors, on the 6th
floor of the Joseph Smith Building.

Lamar and Elder Swallom hard at work.

Beginning of our hike up to
Ensign Peak. Notice who is in the lead.

We started in the early evening. Hi Grandpa and William.

We'll be coming round the mountain......

I know Ethan is here somewhere!

And the first place winner is.......?
And we beat the storm!!!
Great meal at the Lion House
and tour on temple square with Scott and Jodi

Heavy load every day so
we can skype and study in the indexing dept.

Fabulous time with Theda and Jay
They've been doing tours on Thursday nights for 5 years.





& kids

& Lehi

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Breaking out of the MTC!" quote by G. Hirschi
Our new apt in SLC

William is bringing the treats.

A minute to relax and enjoy, before the fun begins.

So long for a while.

We became quite familiar with this laundramat.

Us with our favorite
aussie from Austraila.

Us 3 couples waiting

to go to Brasil.

Us 18 weeks

Hepworths 15 weeks

and Dilles 8 weeks.