Monday, June 13, 2011

The black and white Baile (dance).
That was a hard find, for dad and I.

The kids All Dance with Everyone, it's great!

Our apartment, the family pictures are on the right
the leaders and teachers and students on the left.
And more of our family, by the table.

We were driving down the street, and saw these banana trees.
We stopped for a photo, I'm pointing to the bananas.

P-day at the feira (dad wears ties almost EVERY day).

Our guide through the museum (had 2 or 3 paintings
in every room), amazing!?!

 Our amazing trainers who we love!!
Elder Cook - left;  Elder Aquino - right
We sang at the hospital on Christmas.  Lamar had
a borrowed guitar too.  It was a neat experience.

 We found a way to turn our 5 stroke pool
Into a 125 stroke pool.

What a great way to exercize.

This little baby boy was born the day after our Abby.
It was sure fun to hold him, and think of her.

 This was the fundrasier for the Institute Accampamento.
Lamar is up to his usual sampling.  The cooks love him.

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