Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our unbelieveable miracle apartment!

Well be snug as a bug in a rug here!

Here is the neat Welcome sign we saw on the way to our Stake Activity!

What a wonderful Stake, you notice Lamar (left w/BYU hat)

Louise and Sariah (who both speak English)
what a relief, great friends, and help to us!

Great way to cool off!

This IS a great get away weekend!

They had natural springs here, and drained the pools EVERY night!

What a weekend (course everyone paid their own way).

What an accepting, loving group of people (true Saints)!
Now, for a real game of ping pong! We each won one game.

Look at that american play soccer.....amazing!
I don't think he'd played since college, but he was GREAT!

Lamar is the whitie in the middle! Not bad for an old man,
not to mention, the oldest man!

Hats off - The guy in the front, spent his whole week helping us get our apartment.
Christan is GREAT!

Great view from our hotel balcony!

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