Friday, November 5, 2010

Our friend Fernando Arujo (A seventy) and his young friends.

A great view from the balcony!

Look at his Fans, and the cameras going!Is he in his 'Element' or what?

Singing 'La Bamba' in Spanish, they played 1/2 of their
songs in English.

A tiny foto of the 'Star'

Body Guards

They announces, "A new missionary arrived today from the United
States." and you they screamed so loud you couldn't hardly hear anything!

Look at them SCREAM!!!

What an unbelievable evening it was!

We even got reserved tables.

Here is us with the Mime, he is Alive!

The best Mime, you have ever seen. Would move a little every
few minutes, but we never saw him blink!

Look at the size of the leaves they grow here in Brasil!

We met again with our great friends the Dilles

In a mall, they had a big pool, with kids in the middle of bubbles.

Waiting with anticipation, at the airport!

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder.

Thanks to Dan & Susie, we had a great trip to the airport!

Even loaded all our things in the truck. Isn't that a cute skirt?

Professional packers!

Time to say 'Goodbye' to Salt Lake City!

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